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In Piece no. 1,5 we are invited into a world of multilayered movement and music. Where movement is clean and crisp, but full of attitude and aggression. Practical and plain, yet painful and private. Distant, but devoted. It is a paradoxical world where the frictional relationship between the internal and external is explored and exposed.

Piece no. 1,5 is the second piece in a series of pieces emerging from the research project EXPRESSIONS: the power and politics of expectations in dance where we continuously search for the other dance, another dance, our dance.  

Piece no. 1,5  is a part of  Vorblót 2019 – Tjarnarbíó and Reykjavík Dance Festival’s annual dance festival. Exploring the boundaries between dance, theatre and music the festival offers an opportunity to experience the diversity of the icelandic scene of performing arts. A festival pass offers vip access to all 8 scheduled acts as well as a 20 % discount at Tjarnarbíó’s café & bar.

Icelandic dance artist Steinunn Ketilsdóttir lives and works out of Reykjavík. She works multidisciplinary within dance as a performer, choreographer, teacher  and organizer, both independently and collaboratevly. Through the body she choreographically moves with - through - in and out - of dance, text and thought in her works. She is devoted to creating spaces through her practices to explore how expectations affect the way we choose to move through our artist and personal lives. A space where we can envision and practice the dance of tomorrow.

Choreography: Steinunn Ketilsdóttir Performer: Snædís Lilja Ingadóttir Music: Áskell Harðarson Costumes: Alexía Rós Gylfadóttir Lights: Kjartan Darri Kristjánsson Project Manager: Erla Rut Mathiesen