Event info

Íris Björk Gunnarsdóttir, soprano, participated in the Icelandic singing competition in the beginning of year 2018. She won first place in the open class and was rewarded with the title “Voice of the Year 2018”. She now has her first solo concert, which was part of the awards for winning the competition.

In this concert Íris Björk will sing the pieces she loves to sing which are mostly italian arias from around year 1900. In addition she will perform musical theatre pieces, lieder and icelandic songs by contemporary Icelandic composers.

Along with Íris Björk there will be a few more performers. Matthildur Anna Gísladóttir will accompany on piano and as well as a string quartet.

Two of her friends and classmates from the Icelandic academy of arts, Vera Hjördís Matsdóttir and Alexandria Scout Parks, will join her as well in a fun terzett.