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UKIUMI ULLORIAQ by Naleraq Eugenius & Maasi Chemnitz Brøns

Ukiumi Ulloriaq / "Winter Star" is a new futuristic and almost post-apocalyptic theater performance that takes place starting point in Greenland. In a rugged world that consists of deserts of snow and ice, with deserted empty cities, this Scenario is visualized through light art, animation and performing arts.A story about one person living alone on this dangerous one Radioactive is desert, with conceivable and unpredictable obstacles. A cryptic person with inner images ofits past and family, and with a loneliness that moves his mind to madness.

Ukiumi Ulloriaq / "Winter Star" is a performance like sets the theme of today as thirst for uranium and possible global warming into the scene. It is a performance that will give the audience an opportunity to reflect on what can happen when man-made funds and needs affect nature and its climate.

This performance is an idea of Naleraq Eugenius. He has developed it since he was in training in 2013 theater technician education at Aarhus Tech. Now should the dream of a theater performance become reality. In his network he drew on the forces he wanted included in this project. By joint effort, where each and every one is driven by creating the best result here talk about a culture-creating performance. Here we tell even how the world would look if it had gone under, without the typical Hollywood Blockbusters.

Directed by Ivar Örn Sverisson

Ujarneq Fleischer – Main character/actor

Nukâka Coster-Waldau – side character/actress

Miké Thomsen – side character/actor

Naleraq Eugenius – Light designer

Frederik Eberhardt – Sound designer

Parnuuna Kristiane Thornwood - Costume designer

Hans Ole Amossen – theater technician

Ivar Örn Sverisson, Naleraq Eugenius & Frederik Eberhardt – Scenography

Lisbeth Karline Poulsen & Naleraq Eugenius – Producers

Christian Fleischer Rex – Animator

Maasi Chemnitz Brøns – manuscript