• 3th to 10th of July
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Finally Landsmót! 

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The National Icelandic Horse Competition, known to Icelanders as the “Landsmót” is the largest outdoor sporting event in Iceland showcasing Iceland’s best horses and riders. 

The first Landsmot was held at the Thingvellir National Park in 1950, and has since then grown into the full blown bi-annual country festival that it is today. The Landsmot has been held at rotating locations around Iceland since the beginning in 1950. At Landsmot at Hella South Iceland in 2008, attendance reached a record high of 14.000 people. 

Landsmót hestamanna will be held at Hella, South Iceland, in 2022 from 3th – 10th of july. 

The main theme of the event is an all Icelandic Riding Horse Competition“Gæðingakeppni” where riders of all ages and their horses compete in an event composed of showing all five gaits of the Icelandic horse, Tölt, trot, walk, gallop and Pace. The parallel theme is a competition and show of breeding horses, were the best stallions and breeding mares are shown and rated.   As Tölt is the most treasured gait of the Icelandic horse, the highlight of the Landsmot is always the Tölt Competition where the best Tölt horses and their riders compete for the Landsmot Tölt Champion Title. 

The event is a week long. Apart from being a horse competition, the event is a popular spectator and family Country Festival. The Landsmot area is transformed into a village featuring a large camp site, markets with a variety of goods, children’s playgrounds, a line-up of Icelandic entertainers performing during the week, and a number of Icelandic food vendor offering a wide variety of culinary choices.