Event info

Vocal project is no ordinary choir – it´s a pop choir. Like the name implies the choir focuses mostly on rhythm like pop and rock music rather than the „traditional“ choir music. The choir was founded in 2010 by a small group of people that wanted to sing pop songs and create something different. Today the choir has grown and consists of around 80 people.

The concert will contain variations of music with and without a band. The program will include varied songs like Halo (Beyoncé), Nothing else matters (Mettallica) and Human (Rag´n´Bone Man).

Our choir conducter is the tried and tested musician Gunnar Ben. He comes from Mývatn and is educated in creative music and also oboe player, with years of experience as a choir conductor. Gunnar has an equal background in metal and classical music.

The band is Guðmundur Stefán Þorvaldsson – Guitar, Óttar Sæmundssen – Bass and Jón Geir Jóhannsson – Drums.