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Reykjavik Arts Festival

dAzzleMAZE is an immersive dance performance for our youngest audiences and neurodiverse children. This choreographed installation offers diverse sensory experiences and encourages curiosity, exploration, relaxation and contemplation. In this space, there is no right or wrong behaviour and the audience is invited to enjoy the performance freely and on their own terms. Guests may enter when ready, exit and re-enter as suits them. To enhance the sensation of togetherness, guests are invited to choose and put on costumes that are accessible in the welcoming area and which correspond to the costumes worn by performers.

It’s a gathering
It’s a celebration of being-in-the-world
It’s where the time rests in itself, where it deepens vertically
it’s a space for dwelling, directionless floating, contemplative lingering
It’s where we find the pleasure in welcoming the unknown
In dAzzleMAZE, we surrender to reflection, glow and beauty

The Friday and Sunday performances are for babies aged 3—16 months. The Saturday performance is dedicated to neurodiverse children aged up to 3 years.