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Secret Solstice 2015 Deposit Ticket

We offer the Deposit Ticket scheme to our customers to split the cost of a ticket into two payments.

The full price for the ticket is 19.900 ISK (approximately 150 USD, 132 EUR, 100 GBP *)
Initial deposit for the ticket is 10.000 ISK  (approximately 75 USD, 67 EUR, 49 GBP *). You can return your ticket for a full reimbursement within 2 weeks after purchase in accordance to Icelandic law.
Once you pay the initial deposit you will receive a link by email from the ticket agent to complete your purchase by paying the second payment
The second payment is 9.900 ISK (approximately 75 USD, 66 EUR, 49 GBP) must made in full by midnight GMT the 1st of May 2015. Please be advised that if you do not pay the remainder of the ticket by then Secret Solstice will keep the deposit.

The ticket agent will notify you by email leading up to the final payment date of midnight GMT the 1st of May 2015. It is your responsibility to make sure you pay off your deposit by that time

Approximate prices in USD, EUR and GBP are based on data from the 11th of February 2015 and is subject to change according to international currency fluctuations.