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Föstudag 11. október 2019 í Reykjavik, kl. 14 - 20 

Tilbúin í næstu skref ?

Are you ready to move on?

Do you have clear image of the direction you are going for?
Do you know your goals and how to achieve them?
This is great opportunity to come along and clarify your Young Living goals and make practical and easy plans to achieve them!

This event is open for everybody who is interested in developing themselves with Goal Setting and learning more about Young Living Opportunities.

One important way to increase wellness is to know, what do you actually want and create your personal goals. During the day, we are going to focus on goal setting skills and how to achieve your personal goals. We will share how to use the Goal Mapping system together with essential oilsthat will powerfully impact your goals upon your subconscious.

You will learn how to use your brain holistically by using words and pictures. You will learn also more how our brain works, the importance of positive thinking and learn how to use Goal Mapping system in every area of your life with help of Country Manager Pii Leskinen. Take your own colour pens and pencils with you for creating your own personal map.

In the afternoon Finnish Diamond leader Emilia Savolainen is going to lead us to practical implementation and she guides us what we should be doing. We will focus on the secrets of productive activity and taking control of our calendars. Emilia is going to share her amazing Young Living journey with us. This event is perfect for the Young Living buisness builder, and for everyone who wants to get their oils for free and clarify their goals and have new ideas how to do it!

In addition to an open mind and pencils, you will need a notebook, a calendar and wool socks with you.

Early Bird tickets kr. 5.500kr til 27. september,

verð er 6.900 kr with whole day program and refreshments. This event will be mostly in English.

Space is limited so please book your tickets right away!

So, come and join to get educated and supported as you continue your wonderful journey with Young Living essential oils!


We look forward to welcoming you!


Young Living Europe