Um viðburðinn

With a Strong Voice raises young female opinions through music, spoken word and movement. Eclectic singing group Sing & Shine Singers have devised an original performance piece that tells stories about their generation’s experiences of being a young woman. The show discusses the struggles, expectations and the pressure of growing up, how we deal with it and whether there is a solution? For this theatrical and musical journey, the group has written songs themselves and arranged their own versions of known songs for the purposes of story with their conductor Sanna Valvanne. Sing & Shine Singers is an experienced singing group that has performed together in Helsinki, New York and New Delhi. Now, for the first time they are delving into combining other art forms with their music. With a Strong Voice is a journey about losing one’s voice and finding it again. The six performers will explore current themes and aim to empower young audiences.

Reykjavik Fringe 2019