Um viðburðinn


An improvised show based on stuff you don’t need anymore


That old vase you got from your aunt years ago, your ex’s worn-out t-shirt or last week’s newspaper - they’re all going to be thrown away sooner or later. Why not do it at our show - and we’ll tell a story from it.


Puppetry, storytelling and classical theatre blend in this improvised show based on stuff the audience members bring that they’d rather just throw away. With these objects as starting points we dive into all sorts of stories; funny, strange, sad or poetic. In a world of mass consumption, where we get more and more things and everything becomes disposable, Det Andre Teatret offers a show to reimagine the stuff we throw away - what they are, what they could have been and what we wish they were.



Det Andre Teatret is Europe’s busiest independent award-winning improv/fringe theatre, running their own venue based in Oslo. Their focus on strong improvisation skills and fine storytelling combined with an inherent theatricality and a playful risk-loving attitude have earned the company an outstanding international reputation over the years.


Det Andre Teatret has toured in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Cape Town, Bogotá, Tajikistan, Edinburgh, Berlin, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Aalborg, Amsterdam, just to name a few! In 2016, they toured the US from East to West and performed improvised Ibsen off-Broadway.


Winner of Best Indie Live Show at Norwegian Humor Awards 2018 for “Olli Wermskogs Improshow”

Finalist for Brighton Fringe Award for Excellence 2018 for “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running”

Winner of Best Entertainment in Oslo 2013 by the magazine Ditt Oslo


**** The Skinny

**** The Scotsman

**** Fest Mag

**** Fringe Guru

**** To Do List

***** Young Perspective


Reykjavik Fringe 2019