Um viðburðinn

In 2011, the police forced the 25m2 apartment belonging to a single woman, at Kungsholms Torg in Stockholm (Sweden), after the neighbors alerted a stench. They found 13 living swans. The news reports about the woman who lived there, and was later arrested and sentenced, have since been one of an urban legend as no names or pictures were ever released. Her only public statement was "You get more love from a swan than you can ever get from another person". Who was she, who lived in the periphery of society?

Rebecka Pershagen has created a piece outside of conventions: a form of modern fable with a 10-channel sound collage in which interviews with the women's friends and others are interspersed with mythology about the swan, classical music, statistics on solitude in Sweden etc, while on the stage we follow her in her apartment, played by Pershagen, during what turns out to be the last hours of her life.

The critically acclaimed, award winning and sold out piece has been performed in Stockholm and Gothenburg during 2018, in Åbo / FINFRINGE in 2019 and now Reykjavik (and more locations such as Bergen and more TBA).

This tour is supported by Svensk-Isländska Kulturfonden, The Swedish Arts Grant Committee and Nordic Culture Point.

Reykjavik Fringe 2019