Um viðburðinn

"Someone Else's Sadness is Reykjavik funny man Huw Coverdale Jones pillaging the worlds of fictional sadness to bring a refreshing series of bittersweet hilarity. A man of comparative privilege looks to professional and rightful miseries such as Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen for inspiration in finding funnies between the whiskey soaked tears. This 100% new show follows on from last year’s Two Years of Dry Misery, being composed entirely of material written since last year’s Reykjavik Fringe. Those looking for a combination of mystical one liners and pretend rugged living will not be disappointed, hopefully. The Secret Cellar and Kaffi Lækur will host this man’s dangerous ideas.

In keeping with the fringe spirit, the show will be pay what you want, with a suggested 500ISK charge. Those who wish to buy in advance will pay 500ISK for a reserved seat at the venue of their choice. This is capped at 50, the maximum seating at Kaffi Lækur.
Reykjavik Fringe 2019