Um viðburðinn

“Is it all over? What’s left of the communist ideal, now that the great revolutions of the last century have been defeated? UK and BBC Slam Poetry champion David Lee Morgan spits rhythm, rhyme and intense lyrics over music tracks composed by Michael Harding of Animat.

SCIENCE, LOVE AND REVOLUTION features poetry developed through performance on the London spoken word scene over the years immediately following the Arab Spring.

London attracts people from all over the UK and from all over the world, different poetic traditions, musical traditions, different philosophies, religions and politics. The spoken word scene became a forum, kind of an international university – and a wake up call, a challenge to think about our deepest beliefs.

SCIENCE, LOVE AND REVOLUTION was first performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and featured at StAnza, Scotland’s International Poetry Festival.


TIME OUT LONDON ***** I am awed by Morgan's passion, his humorous yet enraged intellectual appraisal… An energetic, clever, passionate survey of human life.

THE SCOTSMAN **** One of those rare, passionate performances... bristling with energy and interesting ideas. If you want a bracing crash course in how to “read history… with a f***ing blowtorch,” look no further. A driving score by Michael Harding, supplemented by a smattering of saxophone solos from the poet himself, manages to complement the text without competing with it.
Reykjavik Fringe 2019