Um viðburðinn

We welcome you to Engilbert's memorial service at Hotel Hapenis. Engilbert was a true Icelander who died on the 17th of June. We will celebrate his life and (mostly) death. His widow Carmen holds this dramatic but entertaining service in the company of his friends, enemies and strangers.

Hotel Hapenis is a new play written and performed by Leikhópurinn X. We focus on character work and the interaction between the characters at the hotel. The goal with our work is always to make our audience laugh and make them think.

We were inspired to choose and evolve our own characters and bring them together in a funny setting. The play reminds the audience that each and everyone of us is dealing with all kinds of things so each person will have their own baggage that they drag along with them into every situation. We try to do it in a funny way so it is in a way bitter sweet. After all, laughter is the best medicine.

Birgitta Sigursteinsdóttir
Birna Halldórsdóttir
Ester Sveinbjarnardóttir
Hjörtur Sævar Steinason
Hulda Lind Kristinsdóttir

Reykjavik Fringe 2019