Um viðburðinn

The Ararat Ensemble Orchestra is a collective of musicians - including some multi-instrumentalists - which, thanks to experience in the field of experimental theater and improvisation, has developed its own personality.

The sound of the AEO is semi-acoustic, with a cohesive sound projection, where improvisation is fluently integrated in the written orchestral texture, it explicitly recalls music from film, while also taking elements from world music, avant-garde music and jazz orchestras (i.e. Liberation Music Orchestra) or pop music influences (i.e. Tom Waits). Everything has an Italian touch, strongly related to the country’s lyrical tradition that results in a direct approach to the audience.

This show is based on our last CD, EXODUS-Trilogy of escaping peoples, a three year-long project. The project is divided into three different suites: the Armenian Suite -composed for the centenary of the Metz Yeghern -, the African Suite - dedicated to the griot and soloist of the National Orchestra from Senegal, Aliou Ndiaye -, and the Latin-American Suite composed in association with a Chilean composer, Leonardo Bolgeri. With music from swing to funky, passing through to reggae, milonga and soul, the idea of the show is to travel, like an exodus without the fear of getting lost. Because only by getting lost will we find ourselves.

Reykjavik Fringe 2019