Um viðburðinn

Remember the 2000's? What a weird and wonderful time <3
Join us on a nostalgic drag-voyage back to the decade of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Shakira, Xtina, fake tan, frosted tips, clear gloss, bleached hair, chunky highlights, micro-skirts and velour tracksuits!

Your host will be the Master of Sass, Jonathan Duffy!
Coming back from the #SonOfTheDay tour with his Icetralian counterpart, he'll be serving you major Flashback-Friday on May 10th at Gaukurinn.

Q: Why buy tickets online?
A: We're the biggest monthly event at Gaukurinn and we tend to be sold out, but you can get your guaranteed ticket here. Show it to Bóbó and skip the queue at the venue!

We recommend you get to Gaukurinn early, catch the HAPPY HOUR, and order some delicious vegan treats from Veganæs to eat during the show (or tip performers with, they're hungry for attention AND food).

HAPPY HOUR until 21:00!