Um viðburðinn

Join The Poetry Brothel Reykjavík for an International Women’s Day celebration featuring an all-female cast. To mark the occasion, the women in our house have concocted a potent elixir of equal parts poetry and levity.

Our main poet for the evening is Elísabet Kristín Jökulsdóttir, who will perform her poetry alongside translator Max Savage.

The evening’s performances will include live music, burlesque from the magical Maria Callista, and fire breathing by Zsa Zsa, as well as other special performances. Snæugla will offer tarot card readings to guide our patrons through the night. Private, customized artistic experiences will be offered by our guest from Slovenia, Neomi Veberic Levovnik.

Entrance is 3.000ISK in advance; 3.500ISK at the door.

Poker chips, which may be used for private poetry readings, tarot, or tipping our artists, are 750ISK or 2.100 for three. Doors open promptly at 8:00.