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Data loading and manipulation for Power BI with Power Query and M - With Chris Webb

Power Query is the data loading engine inside Power BI (and also Excel 2016+ and SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular models), and M is the language behind Power Query. On this course you’ll get a comprehensive introduction to all of the functionality of the Power Query engine, including how to connect to data sources and output data in a format suitable for your Power BI dataset. You’ll also learn about the M language and also new features such as dataflows. 

Topics covered will include:

  • Data loading and transformation basic concepts: queries and steps
  • Connecting to different data sources: text files, Excel files, relational databases, web services and web pages
  • Using the UI to transform data and add new columns
  • Working with multiple queries
  • Using parameters
  • Introduction to the M language
  • Using functions to combine data from multiple sources
  • Taking advantage of query folding
  • Data privacy and the formula firewall
  • Using dataflows for advanced data preparation