Um viðburðinn

In ‘We will be outside later’, the audience, a body and a mass of branches climb to breaking point. Draeger’s movements are created through the dialogue with the tree limbs; adapting and reacting to this unpredictable dynamic, forming a wooden sculpture in action. ‘We will be outside later’ depicts not just the literal collision between man and nature, but a complex, unfolding and futile body searching for equilibrium in splintered world and the epic that exists in a simple gesture. A contemporary dance solo that directly brings together nature and its conceptual , humanised form. You watch a singular figure playfully traverse stacks of wood; in an effort to find balance. What results is a place of retreat, where the unpredictable language of material leads itself to a constellation of images and shared experience.  

August 23rd

August 25th
12 – 17 ( we recommend to be there at 12am and invite you to stay ) 

Artist talk/Q&A: Thursday, August 23rd, 20:30 at Tjarnarbíó 

The work ‘We will be outside later’ series of belonging - part 3 – home by Tobias Draeger is presented within the frame of the Iceland University of the Arts Performing Arts MFA Graduation Festival.  

Free admission for all events, but tickets must be booked on tix.is