Um viðburðinn

Imagine one day, you wake up to find yourself trapped inside an invisible box, unable to escape. A stranger appears - outside of the box. You must find out why you are trapped there, and how you can get out. But does the stranger really have your best interests at heart? Can you trust the voice in your head? Is it actually better to remain in the Box, safe from harm? Forever?
Kassinn is a virtual reality theatre experience by Huldufugl, in collaboration with author Alexander Dan, performer Ástþór Ágústsson, and composer Iris Thorarins.
The show is a work-in-progress, that we’re excited to bring to the Reykjavik Fringe.

Please note : this 20-minute show involves being placed in a dark room, wearing a virtual reality headset. Individuals who have issues with flashing lights or claustrophobia should consider this before booking a ticket.
Instructions :
Please arrive at Tjarnarbíó at least 5 minutes before your show time is due to start, where someone will meet you. Latecomers may miss their slot. We recommend comfortable footwear without high heels.
You will need to wear a VR headset throughout the experience. Normally this involves removing any hats or other large headgear (headscarves are fine). Glasses are usually fine too.
If you are unable to attend on the day, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can re-allocate your slot, by texting +(354) 762-0292.