Um viðburðinn

Fame is everything nowadays. We're slaves of the desire of 'being someone', we lack our own identity.

Every action we make is to claim the attention of the cameras and the coveted immortality that comes with them.

But what are we actually ready to do for all this? What sacrifices are we ready to make? Will fame and success actually grants us immortality? Or do we need something more? And once we finally reached notoriety, can we go back? Become a human being once again and not just a “product” for the masses?

These questions serve as a framework for “A Beautiful Day Forever”. So we found ourselves in the cockpit of a plane; empty but just for one person, Tender. He makes his intentions straight away: he's riding this plane until the fuel runs out, in a sort of crazy run towards the abyss. But before the inevitable end he wants to tell his story, confess to the black box (“That is actually orange”) how he got there. So he puts on his last autobiographical variety show narrating everything: from his humble beginnings in the community of his church, to his days as an famous and celebrated TV messiah. Finally he quits the role of actor/director, takes up on the one of spectator and enjoys the striking, apocalyptic finale of his life.