Um viðburðinn

Singer and songwriter Amelia Arsenic is an Australian born/based creative with heavy roots in music and art, having just released her sophomore solo album, “Queen of Risk”, via Glitch Mode Recordings, Chicago. The multi-disciplinary artist released her first solo EP, “Carbon Black” in 2015 and co-founded her first and former band, Angelspit in 2004. Amelia’s vocal delivery has remained consistent over the past decade, offering high-energy, fierce sing/speak riot-grrrl vocal stylings with a femininely brutal stage presence. The electro-punk rivet-jams have often been deemed ‘harsh beats for dark times’. 

The lady cyberpunker has toured with several acts, including KMFDM and Lords of Acid, as well as through European festivals such as Mera Luna, WGT, Summer Darkness and Castle Party. Miss Arsenic also embarked on a solo tour through Australia and North America in 2017. 

Known for her iconic makeup art and style and underground fashion sense, Amelia will be wearing specially designed costumes for her upcoming live shows, which will include video art projections specially created for the 2018 tour. Amelia is currently working with her label, Glitch Mode Recordings on her upcoming remix EP of “Queen of Risk”.

Rex Pistols is an act of hedonism. Minimal synthpop grooves, goth blues laden with lust and fear, boredom and decadence, vulnerability and obscenity. Solo project by former Antimony front-woman Rex Beckett, started in late 2016. Rex originates from Montreal and is based in Reykjavík since 2009.

Gbit, an Icelandic noise artist will start off the night with a DJ set and try to set the mood before our two talented live artists step on stage

DJ Mole IX, a virally infected cyborg with a vast, implanted knowledge of the world of dark electronic sounds will be programmed to play a set, focusing on the darker side of electronic music.

DJ Vetrarsorg, a wayward Victorian and taphophiliac, will tune her music box to sounds of bleak despair, gothic rock, darkwave, post-punk and deathrock

Tickets are 2000 ISK at the door, 1500 ISK at tix.is