Um viðburðinn

We proudly present an evening with Francesco Fabris and Illuminine (solo set), two emerging artists who move in between the fields of ambient, electronic, experimental and neo-classical music.

Francesco Fabris is a sound artist, composer, producer and engineer, currently based at Greenhouse Studios in Reykjavík. Fabris is working with live electronics, intermedia installations, AV works, and studio productions. His live performance is based on unreleased materials and improvisation with a modular system using field recording-based textures, concrete organic patterns and tape manipulation techniques, plus real-time processed visuals.

His most recent collaborations include Valgeir Sigurdsson’s DISSONANCE live show, soundtracks for the movie ‘The Pages’, the theatre play ‘Medea’ and Ben Frost’s music for the Netflix show ’DARK’.

Illuminine is a musical project helmed by Flemish composer Kevin Imbrechts, who has released two albums; the first, eponymously titled debut landed in 2015, and the excellent follow-up, #2, in April 2017. 
Mixed at Sigur Rós’ Sundlaugin Studio in Iceland, the music is a seamless blend of neo-classical music with post rock and ambient influences. Both albums clearly showed the distinctive language of Kevin Imbrechts, who came to the fore as a master of melancholia.

His interpretation of melancholia is one of coherence: often soothing and with smooth edges, but also varied in its execution, allowing for shifting temperaments and rearranged combinations of instruments. It’s almost like each song can be discovered again and again and each listen can give form to a new constellation.