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In ”35 X ME AND SOME ACTRESSES”, seven actresses will practically share the actress's professional secrets - experiences from the theater's 2500-year-old tradition - in aim to give the audience the tools and strategies to facilitate the construction of their online identities.

From the notes of the working group: "The need for revolutionary training”

As a consequence the increased use of so-called "social media” among the ”private individuals”, the working group's recommendation is that "private individuals" receive training in the use of "social media”.


  • The purpose of the training is to make "private person" agent for the revolution. (Working Group's Doctrine 1: Internet is a potential feminist utopia.)
  • The training should be tailored to the individual circumstances of the "private person" in order to optimize the individual’s effort for the match. (Working Group's Doctrine 2: Inclusion as resource of power.)
  • The training should be based on the "private person's" voluntary participation and active co-creation. (Working Group's Doctrine 3: Revolution as a Voluntary Action.)

The ”private person” who signs up for the performance will be instructed further.

"35 X ME AND SOME ACTRESSES" is a playful, interactive show that wants to explore the psychological and ethical dilemmas and the political potential of the digital space, where everyone has the opportunity to construct their own subject. The performance is co-nordic production made in co-operation between feminist free theatre group Blaue Frau (FIN) and Stefan Åkesson from Poste Restante (SE).

The working group consists of:

Sonja Ahlfors (Blaue Frau / FIN), Lidia Bäck (FIN), Bergdís Júlía Jóhannsdóttir (IS), Sepideh Khodarahmi (SE), Nina Matthis (SE), Klara Wenner Tångring (SE), Joanna Wingren (Blaue Frau / FIN) Stefan Åkesson (Poste Restante / SE).

Light: Meri Ekola (FIN), Costume: Malin Nyqvist (FIN), Scenography Consultant: Kristina Sedlerova (FIN), Technical Coordinator: Jesper Karlsson (FIN), Video Editing: Anna Sofia Nylund (FIN), Music & Audio: Stefan Johansson (SE), Tailor: Sanna Pietila (FIN), Graphic Design: Johan Isaksson (SE), Producer: Elina Tervonen (FIN) & Ilse Ybarra (US)

Guest actor at Tjarnarbió will be Kristbjörg Kjeld!

”35 X ME AND SOME ACTRESSES” premiered in Helsinki, Finland at Lilla Teatern 16th of February 2018. During the season 2018-2019 the performance will tour other Nordic countries.

Confirmed tour:

7. – 9.9. Moment:teater, Stockholm moment.org.se

11. – 13.9. Inkonst, Malmö inkonst.se

*Interactive means that you are an active part of the performance (ref. workshop), but you will not be asked to act.

Blaue Frau is a Finnish feminist theatre duo whose emphasis is norm-criticism. Blaue Frau is Sonja Ahlfors & Joanna Wingren. The duo was established in 2005 after Sonja & Joanna took part of the Nordic drag group Sub Frau (subfrau.net). Blaue Frau has toured the Nordic Countries and Europe with different workshops and productions. Last year their book “Någon hatar oss igen” (Someone hates us again) was published together with illustrator Johan Isaksson. Read more from the website: www.blauefrau.com

Poste Restante is Swedish performance collective which specializes in interactive performance. Since 2007 Poste Restante has been making several large scale productions and performed in different festivals such as Baltic Circle (FIN), Santiago A Mil (CL) and Salzburger Festspiele (AT). Read more from the website: www.poste-restante.se

The performance is supported by: Nordisk Kulturkontakt, Nordisk Kulturfond and Kone Foundation.