Um viðburðinn

Take This Touch Inside Your Body is a collection of performative practices and poems-as-scores that explore the permanence and accumulation of touch. The event makes visible how touch, words, and sound move through our bodies and leave their traces. The audience will witness poetic actions, words in unexpected places, and reflecting on touch in their own lives.

Kaisa Kukkonen is an interdisciplinary artist-researcher based in Finland. She works with the poetry of movement, politics of touch, and somatic practices. Her background is in dance, words, and performance.

Sat 27.8 / 16:00: Q&A with Angela Rawlings

Performers: Bergþóra Ægisdóttir, Katarina Huber, Kaisa Kukkonen

Hosts: Linde Rongen and Meeri Mäkinen

Still images: Dan Farberoff

Thanks: In intra-action, conversations, and collaborations with Katarina Huber, Dan Farberoff, Synes Elischka and Vilma Riitijoki (pupucollective), Milla Martikainen, Angela Rawlings, Mart Piirimees, Kerly Ritval, Brogan Davison, Meeri Mäkinen, Nita Little, Helga Arnalds, Amó Ólafsdóttir, Gunnella Hólmarsdóttir, Sóley Frostadottir, Vala Rúnarsdóttir, the Atlantic Ocean, whales I haven’t seen but I know exist, trauma therapy, the Contact Improvisation community, the war in Ukraine, loneliness, aloneness, lovers, the best kiss, Improv Enthusiasts, waters and pools especially at Nauthólsvík. Thank you for support.

ATH verkið fer fram á ensku // The piece is performed in english.