• 08. júl. - kl. 19:30
  • 09. júl. - kl. 19:30
  • 10. júl. - kl. 19:30
Miðaverð:1.500 kr.
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Note: In addition to this ticket, all festival guests must have a RVK Fringe wristband, which are always available for 1000 ISK online or at the door. The wristband is valid throughout the festival and offers various discounts.

The Clown on the Fifth Floor is a music, performance and visual art show that transports the audience into a momentary reality. The Fifth Floor, an isolated world existing in the constant opposition of chaos and emptiness, reality and fiction. You are invited to watch the Clown chase their own trail of breadcrumbs. Remembering, forgetting, and re-remembering that they are running in circles. The show embodies Storm´s tumultuous relationship with reality, it asks all the right questions, jumps to all the wrong conclusions, and then it does the opposite; in a desperate attempt to find a sliver of truth. The Clown on the Fifth Floor tells the story of a creature that just wants to know if they were the hero, or the villain, or just a child.

60 min