• 07. júl. - kl. 21:20
  • 09. júl. - kl. 19:30
Miðaverð:1.500 kr.
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Note: In addition to this ticket, all festival guests must have a RVK Fringe wristband, which are always available for 1000 ISK online or at the door. The wristband is valid throughout the festival and offers various discounts.

 Kaisa Pylkkänen is a walking oxymoron: a middle-aged teenager, an anarchist control freak, and an easy going feminist, who suffers from penis envy. On stage Kaisa has turned anger into an art form and white wine into anti-aging cream.

Her first solo show No Penis, No Knowledge premiered in Helsinki a bit before the pandemic, but the tour was short lived. In March 2020 Kaisa Pylkkänen was rewarded the prestigious Jorma Award as she was voted Comedian of the Year by her peers. Her international work includes performing at the Hot Water Comedy Festival in Liverpool, the Laugh Riot Grrrl comedy festival in Los Angeles, as well as in various clubs around Europe and the US.

True to her ways to go against the norm, Kaisa Pylkkänen started her career in television, and worked her way down from writing primetime TV shows, to ranting pussy jokes to a microphone in a corner of a punk club. Cause that’s where she feels much more at home.

50 min