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Pasi "Sleeping" Myllymäki is a Finnish filmmaker known for his alternative short films in the punk and underground scenes. Myllymäki graduated as a graphic designer from the Lahti Institute of Fine Arts and Design in 1976. Inspired by the DIY mentality of punk, he began making his own Super 8 shorts with the amateur cinematographer Risto Laakkonen. Between 1976–85 they produced nearly 50 short films. Myllymäki's underground short films have been screened e.g. at Image Forum Film Festival in Japan and and Venice Biennale 2017.

RIFF screens 26 shorts by the Director:

To Be Continued
FIN 1:57 min

Good Night
FIN 7:14 min 

Murra Murra
FIN 3:00 min

Five words
FIN 2:22 min

Tape Recorder Is A Wonderful Invention
FIN 2:48 min

The Forssa syndrome
FIN 1:40 min

I’m from the City
FIN 1:56 min 

Systematic as Sperm
FIN 0:37 min 

Drive Around the World
FIN 1:40 min

FIN 2:42 min

Bolts from the Blue
FIN 0:20 min

Tremble in the Landscape
FIN 1:05 min

The Underground Narrow Film Goes Japan
FIN 1:09 min

Five Holes in Celluloid
FIN 2:05 min

Colouring Book. Now.
FIN 3:14 min

3000 Autoa
FIN 2:28 min

Andalusian Doghouse
FIN 1:36 min

Asphalt Ballet
FIN 0:51 min

FIN 3:37 min

FIN 1:42 min

UFO in the Water
FIN 2:47 min

Fire Of Life
FIN 3:28 min

How a Mysterious Hitchhiker Picks Up Three Stones
FIN 1:09

The Strolling Creatures of Light
FIN 1:31

Omena The Apple
FIN 1:32

Otila Magic Blues (2017)