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Icelandic premiere of the Greenlandic film ANORI directed by Pipaluk Kreutzman Jörgensen

30.04. Kl 20.00

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Steeped in Greenlandic myths, Anori is a tragic love story inspired by the old Greenlandic myths. The film tells the story of a woman who believes only in all that is good in life, but when is confronted by the dark forces of nature, Anori is determined to bring back the light.

This modern story – set amongst the incredible Greenlandic landscapes and the intensely crowded New York – takes you on a journey where myth comes to life.

Anori is the first feature film from Greenland directed by a female filmmaker, directed and produced by Pipaluk Kreutzmann Jørgensen

Main roles: Angunnguaq Larsen, Ujarneq Fleischer, Nûkaka Coster Waldau

Language: Greenlandic, English subtitles
Length: 90 min