• From August 27th
  • To August 31st
  • 5 dates
Ticket price:7.990 - 8.490 kr.
Event info

The 2024 edition of the Reykjavík Jazz Festival will take place between August 27th and 31st. We invite you to enjoy five days of music, focusing on jazz and improvised music, performed by musicians from the United States, Europe, and Iceland.

An evening pass is available for each night of the festival at Harpa Concert Hall. Each pass grants access to all concerts scheduled for that evening. All concerts take place in Norðurljós on 2nd floor. Please note that tickets are not sold for individual concerts at Harpa.

Tuesday, August 27th - Evening pass 7.990 ISK
7:00 PM The Reykjavík Big Band (IS)
8:00 PM Mikael Máni solo Performance (IS)
9:00 PM Hist og (IS)

Wednesday, August 28th - Evening pass 8.490 ISK
7:00   PM Andrés Þór/Jens Larsen Quartet (IS/DK)
8:00   PM Sigurður Flosason & Anna Gréta Sigurðardóttir (IS) 
9:00   PM Gulli Briem - Groove Gang (IS/US)
10:00 PM ES Swingsextet (IS)

Thuesday, August 29th - Evening pass 8.490 ISK
7:00  PM move (IS)
8:00  PM Jakob Buchanan Trio (DK/USA)
9:00  PM GØ (FO)
10:00 PM Iceland´s Liberation Orchestra (IS)

Friday, August 30st - Evening pass 8.490 ISK
7:00 PM Sunna Gunnlaugs - Heidi Bayer (DE - Nico Moreaux - Scott McLemore
8:00 PM Tania Giannouli (GR)
9:00 PM Silva og Steini (IS)
10:00 PM Kristjana Stefáns - kvartett (IS/DE/DK/AUT)

Saturday, August 31st - Evening pass 8.490 ISK
7:00 PM Tumi Árnason og hljómsveit (IS)
8:00 PM Arnold Ludvig Quintet (IS/FO)
9:00 PM Sigmar Matthiasson - Release Concert (IS)
10:00 PM Shuteen Erdenebataar Quartet (DE)

More information about the Festival here