• From October 11th
  • To November 15th
  • 4 dates
Ticket price:4.990 - 11.990 kr.
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The concert series Björk Orkestral - Live from Reykjavík in Harpa, has been postponed to later in 2021

The new dates are October 11th, 24th, 31st and November 15th but the running order of the shows is the same

This is because we can’t trust that the current restrictions will be be lifted in time for the shows and we always prioritize the health and safety of our guests and staff

The new dates are as follows:

Monday October 11th at 20:00 GMT - Strings from Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Katie Buckley - harp, conductor - Viktor Orri Árnason - FORMERLY AUGUST 29th

Sunday October 24th at 17:00 GMT - with Hamrahlíð choir, Bergur Þórisson - organ, conductor - Þorgerður Ingólfsdóttir, FORMERLY SEPTEMBER 5th

Sunday October 31st at 17:00 GMT - With brass from the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and flute septet Viibra, Katie Buckley - harp, Jónas Sen - pianó - FORMERLY SEPTEMBER 12th

Monday November 15th 20:00 GMT - With 15 piece chamber ensemble from Iceland Symphony Orchestra, conductor - Viktor Orri Árnason - FORMERLY SEPTEMBER 19th

All tickets are still valid for the new dates and there is no need to get new tickets so no action on your part is required.

We would be grateful if you could hold to your ticket and thereby support the live industry and local artists in Iceland which are going through a difficult time these days.

If however the new date is not convenient buyers have until September 7th 2021 to claim a full refund. To get a refund buyers need to contact the ticket seller at: midasala@harpa.is.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause but at the same time we thank you for your patience and understanding.



Björk has announced plans for 4 special matinee performances in association with Iceland Airwaves, which will be live-streamed online and raise money for domestic women’s charities worldwide. 

The performances will act as a celebration of the Icelandic musicians that Björk has worked with over the years, with each concert finding the artist collaborate with over 100 Icelandic musicians, across three groups that have played a part within the creation of her discography. Each concert will have different songs, Björk's instrumental arrangements played by members of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, flute septet Viibra, Hamrahlíð Choir, and special guests without electronics or beats. The concerts will also be raising money and awareness for Kvennaathvarfið - a charity that supports women and immigrants of different origin within Iceland.

Ticket Prices
Premium seats: 11.990 ISK
A seats:               9.990 ISK
B seats:               8.990 ISK
C seats:               6.990 ISK
D seats:               4.990 ISK

Monday October 11th at 20:00 GMT

Björk with strings from the Iceland Symphony
Conductor – Viktor Orri Árnason
Songs from Post, Vespertine, Dancer in the Dark and more.

Sunday October 24th at 17:00 GMT
Björk with the Hamrahlið Choir
Conductor – Þorgerður Ingólfsdóttir
Organ – Bergur Þórisson
Songs from Medulla, Biofilia, Utopia and more

Sunday October 31st at 17:00 GMT 
Björk with brass from the Iceland Symphony
Flute septet Viibra
Harp – Katie Buckley
Piano – Jónas Sen
Songs from Vespertine, Volta, Utopia and more

Monday November 15th at 20:00 GMT
Björk with a 15 piece chamber ensemble from Iceland Symphony Orchestra
Songs from Homogenic, Vulnicura and more

A note from Björk:

dear friends

i would like to invite you to some concerts

to honour
folks who got hit hardest in the coronavirus
and the black lives matter movement

and to honour how many icelandic musicians i have worked with through the years

i recorded almost all of my albums with local musicians :

homogenic with an icelandic string octet
medulla with schola cantorum ( an icelandic mixed choir )
volta with 10 brass girls i found all over the island and then later they formed wonderbrass

biophilia with langholt´s church girl choir graduale nobili
vulnicura with a 15 piece string ensemble
utopia with 12 female fluteplayers who later formed the flute septet viibra
cornucopia with hamrahlíð´s choir conducted by þorgerður ingólfsdóttir
all these albums where then performed all around the planet with these musicians

together they are over hundred people !!

and we are going to celebrate that we are all healthily exiting quarantine together by playing concerts in harpa music hall for 3 weekends of august

my input into the feminist fight is to brag about that almost all of those arrangements are by me
unfortunately this is something that is almost always ignored when women are arrangers

the concerts will be in the afternoons and will also be streamed live online, where there will be an option to donate to the icelandic women's shelter - which supports women of all origin in iceland

for those attending in person, after the concert we will be offering food to raise money in support of this charity

the concerts will be "unplugged" or acoustic and performed without beats and electronics
the concerts will be performed with the icelandic symphony orchestra and guests

i feel we are going through extraordinary times
horrifying but also an opportunity to truly change
it is demanded of us that we finally confront all racism
that we learn that lives are more important that profit
and look inside us and finecomb out all our hidden prejudices and privileges

let´s all humbly learn together


humongous love


About the musicians performing with Björk:

The Iceland Symphony Orchestra has been a leading force in Iceland’s music scene for 70 years. The orchestra gives around 100 concerts each season, including subscription performances with internationally renowned classical musicians, but also frequently collaborates with artists from other genres. The orchestra has recorded for renowned international labels such as Sono Luminus and Deutsche Grammophon, and received a Grammy nomination for Best Orchestral Performance. The Iceland Symphony has also toured widely, including performances at the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall, and in New York’s Carnegie Hall. The orchestra’s Chief Conductor and Artistic Director is the Finnish Eva Ollikainen. The Iceland Symphony is the resident orchestra in Reykjavík’s award-winning Harpa Concert Hall.

The flute group viibra was founded in 2016 when working with Björk on her album Utopia. The group worked closely with Björk in the making of the album and then travelled with her around the world. In addition to performing regularly with Björk, viibra is active as an independent ensemble.

The members of viibra are:
Áshildur Haraldsdóttir
Berglind María Tómasdóttir
Björg Brjánsdóttir
Dagný Marinósdóttir
Melkorka Ólafsdóttir
Sólveig Magnúsdóttir
Steinunn Vala Pálsdóttir
Þuríður Jónsdóttir

The Hamrahlíð Choir has been at the forefront of Icelandic musical life for more than four decades. Its members are former students at Hamrahlíð College in Reykjavík, where Þorgerður Ingólfsdóttir formed a choir in 1967 and was its conductor until 2017. The Hamrahlíð Choir, which is made up of graduates of the college choir, has released many widely praised CDs and has frequently performed with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra. Throughout its history, the choir has collaborated closely with Icelandic composers, and over 100 works have been composed especially for the choir. The Hamrahlíð Choir has travelled to 26 countries and has performed at many of the world’s leading choral festivals to great acclaim, including festivals in Europe, North America, and Asia. The Hamrahlíð Choir began its collaboration with Björk in 2017, singing on her CD Utopia. The collaboration continued with Cornucopia concerts in New York City and Europe in 2019.

Promoter: Iceland Airwaves