• Oct 10th 19:30
Ticket price:7.990 - 15.990 kr.
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The concert has been postponed. New date is October 10th 2021


Hildur Guðnadóttir’s Academy award winning score to JOKER to be performed live to film in Harpa, conducted by Hildur’s father.

The multi award winning score by Hildur Guðnadóttir performed by The Icelandic Cinematic Orchestra; SinfoniaNord in a JOKER - live to film concert at Eldborg on March 13 2021 Conductor: Guðni Franzson.

JOKER received 11 Academy Awards nominations, the most of any film.

Joaquin Phoenix and Hildur Guðnadóttir won the Golden Globe, Critic’s Choice, BAFTA and the Oscar.

Central to the emotional journey Joaquin Phoenix’s character Arthur Fleck takes throughout the movie is Guðnadóttir’s beautifully haunting score. The fusion of looming industrial soundscapes with raw, emotive string-led melodies - led by a lone cello - creates melancholic shroud marked with moments of hope, which unfolds gradually to become a fever pitch of disquieting tension. HIldur’s extraordinary music will be brought to life by SinfoniaNord to create an entirely new viewing experience of Todd Phillips’ film JOKER and Joaquin Phoenix award winning portrayal in the leading role.

The film will be presented on a huge screen in the Eldborg hall with its original soundtrack excluding Hildur’s inimitable score which will be performed by a symphony orchestra.

Hildur’s success in the last few months is quite extraordinary. For her music in the TV series Chernobyl she has received Emmy and Grammy awards among many other international awards. For JOKER she has added a BAFTA and now an Oscar, the first of any Icelandic artist.

Hildur Guðnadóttir: “I'm thrilled to get to see and hear Joker in the cinema with a live orchestra. When we recorded the music, the orchestra brought such depth and detailed attention to the performances that we were all literally holding our breaths during most of the recording sessions. It was a beautiful trip. I’m so happy to get to go there again and for an audience to experience that too.”

JOKER - LIVE IN CONCERT will be performed all over Europe in the coming months, presented by the English concert promoter Senbla, premiering on April 30th in London.

SinfoniaNord just recently reached an agreement with Senbla to perform Hildur’s magnificent score in Harpa on November 20 2020