Event info

The Clinic, art of riding A-Z
The portuguese Master in riding Júlio Borba, will lead the Clinic assisted by Olil Amble and Bergur Jónsson, Gangmyllan. The event will be at Fákasel in Ölfus municipality. The Clinic is about training a horse from young age to an older well educated horse, A-Z. Júlio Borba has been working with riders in Iceland for twelve years and has had a biginfluence on  training of the Icelandic horse in Iceland as well as in Europe. Júlio is considered to be an outstanding teacher who easily reaches his students on their own terms. His methods are genius as there is a strong red thread through all his exercises. All riders and riding teachers participating in the clinic, have been working with Júlio, including Olil Amble and Bergur Jónsson who have been in close working relationship with Júlio Borba since he started teaching in Iceland 12 years ago.

An event where the focus is on beautiful horsemanship, music and appearance. Many exciting and beautiful scenes will be presented lead by Hafliði Halldórsson, Júlio Borba, Olil Amble and Bergur Jónsson. For the first time in Iceland we will offer Kvadrilla where all gaits of the Icelandic horse will be shown together with exercises . Kvadrilla means pattern riding where at least 10 to 14 riders participate at the same time. In this show, many of Iceland's most talented riders will perform under control of the Portuguese master in riding, Júlio Borba.