• November 2nd - 5th 2022
Ticket price:17.900 kr.
Event info

Iceland Airwaves Festival is the world’s most northerly music showcase and industry festival, situated halfway between North America and Europe. Iceland Airwaves brings together the country’s brightest emerging musical talent and forward-thinking international acts.

Each November for four days and nights, downtown Reykjavík comes alive, filled non-stop with music, with performances hosted everywhere from tiny record stores and art museums, to cool bars and stately churches, to nightclubs and large scale venues.


Amyl & the Sniffers, Arlo Parks, Arny Margret, Árstíðir, Axel Flóvent, Brimheim, CeaseTone, Chiiild, Combos, Countess Malaise, Crack Cloud, Daughters of Reykjavík, Emotional Oranges, Eydís Evensen, FLOTT, Francis of Delirium, GREYSKIES, Guðrið Hansdóttir, gugusar, HAM, Inspector Spacetime, Jan Verstraeten, Janus Rasmussen, JFDR, Kaktus Einarsson, KLEIN, Kóboykex, KAMARA, LÓN, Magnús Jóhann, Marius DC, Metronomy, Porridge Radio, RAKEL, superserious, THUMPER, TUYS, Ultraflex, Una Torfa, Unusual Demont, ZÖE

More information ?? https://icelandairwaves.is

More information: http://icelandairwaves.is