Event info

In Piece no. 1,5 we are invited into a world of multilayered movement and music. Where movement is clean and crisp, but full of attitude and aggression. Practical and plain, yet painful and private. Distant, but devoted. It is a paradoxical world where the frictional relationship between the internal and external is explored and exposed.

Piece no. 1,5 is the second piece in a series of pieces emerging from the research project EXPRESSIONS: the power and politics of expectations in dance where we continuously search for the other dance, another dance, our dance.

Höfundur / Choreography: Steinunn Ketilsdóttir

Flytjandi / Performer: Snædís Lilja Ingadóttir

Tónlist / Music: Áskell Harðarson

Búningur / Costumes: Alexía Rós Gylfadóttir

Ljós / Lights: Kjartan Darri Kristjánsson

Verkefnisstjóri / Project Manager: Erla Rut Mathiesen