Event info


Karlakór Reykjavíkur (The Reykjavik Male Choir) will hold its annual advent concerts in Hallgrímskirkja, one of Reykjavik´s most picturesque landmarks, as follows:


Saturday, December 14th at 17

Sunday, December 15th at 17 and 20.


A very special guest for these concerts is Sigrún Pálmadóttir soprano. This elegant artist has played many opera roles, both in Iceland and abroad, and has performed in concerts in Europe and USA. This is the first time she sings with Karlakór Reykjavíkur and members of the choir look forward this cooperation in the concerts.


The choir will also enjoy the company of regular guests from previous concerts. Lenka Mátéová will play the great Klais organ, a masterpiece with more than five thousand pipes. The trumpet players Eiríkur Örn Pálsson and Guðmundur Hafsteinsson will perform at the concerts as well as the percussionist Eggert Pálsson on kettledrums. A member of the choir, Jóhann Björn Ævarsson will also play Horn in one song.  


Fridrik S. Kristinsson, Karlakór Reykjavíkur’s conductor for three decades, will direct the whole show.

The ticket price is ISK 6000