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For the first time at Tjarnarbíó, Funny Gurlz presents:

The Rebecca & Lóa Show

People are wondering about Rebecca and Lóa.

You might have met them at a party and thought, “Why is she so mean to me?”

Or, “How could two such sweet looking girls manage to burn every single bridge they cross?”

Or, “Are they in the midst of a burn out, or are they just like this?”

Or most urgently, “Who are these hotties???”

Rebecca Scott Lord and Lóa Björk might on the wrong side of 25 but always get the kids’ discount on the bus. They love knives, boys, and being psycho.

Do not miss the chance to see these hot babes when they take the stage at Tjarnarbíó

They take the stage of Tjarnarbíó on May 31 with new jokes that might just answer some of your burning questions.

Rebecca Scott Lord is an American performance artist who has had multiple shows in Reykjavík, including DJ Daddy Issues, Comedy is a Safe Space, and Dates with Dudes. She works as a set painter at the National Theatre of Iceland, where the guys from Spaugstofan give her advice on jokes to tell.

Lóa Björk Björnsdóttir works at the radio station Útvarp 101 where she co-hosts the morning show. She wrote and directed the show Tími til að Segja Bless and is an avid climber. (You can find her on twitter @mindfulnes_now_)

Rebecca's stand up is in English, Lóa's in in Icelandic.