Event info

Janus Rasmussen’s release concert for new album Vín will be held at Húrra at Tryggvagata 22 on april 30th. German electro-legend Stimming will be following up with a live set as a special guest of honor. DJ Krystal Carma will put the cherry on top for those of you dancing until the morning comes.

Rasmussen has had a long and fruitful career in music and has made a name for himself in the European electro-scene.

He has spent these past years touring the world as one-half of Kiasmos along with a very prominent DJ-career, playing almost every weekend around Europe and flying back to Iceland to tend to his recording studio, working on multiple musical side-projects (collaborating with Hildur, GDRN, Emmsjé Gauti and many more).

Janus says his new solo-album, Vín, took one and a half year to make. He adds that he’s happy it didn’t take any longer. “It never should, I should know,”, he says knowingly. “Then you sort of start to get tired of it, removing stuff that you should actually leave be”.

“It’s a rawer sound than the Kiasmos-work,” he says, and adds that this is a complex of what he has worked on in his career as a musician and a producer in these past years. A blend of sort. That sounds exciting.