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Exhaustion; die; breathe; move;

Body in Progress is part experiment, performance and a practice in the making. Rita Maria F. Munoz explores the question “is it possible for the body to start over; to empty it out of information and create something else?” There is no end, no final product – Body in Progress is breath, a pause, a death, a moment, a semi-colon. A body in progress.

Body on Progress  is a part of  Vorblót 2019 – Tjarnarbíó and Reykjavík Dance Festival’s annual dance festival. Exploring the boundaries between dance, theatre and music the festival offers an opportunity to experience the diversity of the icelandic scene of performing arts. A festival pass offers vip access to all 8 scheduled acts as well as a 20 % discount at Tjarnarbíó’s café & bar.

Rita Maria Munoz is a contemporary and folklore dancer. Her interests and works centers around the human psyche, behavior, identity, limits and repetition. As a dancer she pushes her body and thoughts to where she is uncomfortable and uses this to fuel her performance. The limitations of her body are explored, used, and sometimes surpassed. Body in Progress is her graduation piece from Iceland University of the Arts. It is an ever-evolving performance as it dies and is reborn continuously. There is nothing perfect the body does, just endless being.

Choreographer and performer: Rita Maria F. Munoz Composer: Íris Rós Mentor: Saga Sigurðardóttir Images: Leifur Wilberg Orrason