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Vorblót 2019: Oversharing Tours

In Oversharing Tours Rebecca Scott Lord and Hrefna Lind Lárusdóttir subtly disturb the normalcy of reality on a guided tour around Reykjavík. While leading the audience through the city, they also delve into themselves, linking the exterior surroundings to their emotional landscapes. They deal with the private and mundane in a public way, subverting the notion of what women are and are not supposed to talk about within earshot of others. While not strictly advertised as a performance, at some point during the tour, the audience members begin to understand that this is no ordinary tour they have joined. By the end, the audience not only understands more about Hrefna and Rebecca, but also what it means to really spill one’s guts, what it means to be a passive observer, what it means to exist in a place that contains multitudes of stories other than your own.

Hrefna Lind Lárusdóttir and Rebecca Scott Lord are performance artists based in Reykjavík. They explore boundaries between reality, authenticity and construction. Using performative cartography, they relocate the boundaries between performer and spectator in the immediate environment.

Oversharing Tours is a part of Vorblót 2019 – Tjarnarbíó and Reykjavík Dance Festival’s annual dance festival. Exploring the boundaries between dance, theatre and music the festival offers an opportunity to experience the diversity of the icelandic scene of performing arts. A festival pass offers vip access to all 8 scheduled acts as well as a 20 % discount at Tjarnarbíó’s café & bar.