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On the 14th of September the Eldborg room of Harpa will be enveloped in feminine energy as the divas of Iceland will take the stage and enchant their audience with an unforgettable musical experience.

The divas Jóhanna Guðrún and Svala are one of Iceland’s best known singers, both with an extremely successful singing career behind them locally and internationally. They’ve invited special guests to sing some of the most well known diva songs of the past decades. These world famous power ballads with Whitney, Celine, Aretha, Diana, Beyonce and other legendary women will be performed by some of the best singers and instrumentalists in Iceland.

A special stage will be built, sound and lighting will be something else and  the show itself will be so extravagantly beautiful Mariah herself would be happy to join our world class show.

This year Svala and Jóhanna have invited the following Icelandic diva superstars to join them:

  • Dísella
  • Friðrik Ómar
  • Katrín Halldóra
  • Ragga Gröndal
  • Sigga Beinteins

The band:

  • Davíð Sigurgeirsson, guitar and musical director
  • Ari Bragi Kárason, trumpet & more
  • Halldór Smárason, keys and backing vocals
  • Ingvar Alfreðsson, keys and backing vocals
  • Rögnvaldur Borgþórsson, guitar
  • Steinar Sigurðarson, saxophone & more
  • Valdimar Olgeirsson, bass
  • Þorvaldur Þór Þorvaldsson, drums

Backing vocals:

  • Anna Sigríður Snorradóttir
  • Arnar Jónsson
  • Rakel Pálsdóttir

The Gospel Choir of Jón Vídalín will also perform led by Davíð Sigurgeirsson and Jóhanna Guðrún along with a string ensemble led by Geirþrúður Ása Guðjónsdóttir. The show is directed by Selma Björnsdóttir.

Two shows will take place; the evening show starts at 21:00 and the day show starts at 17:00. The show will run approximately 2.5 hours including a 20 minute break. Five seating areas are available and it will cost 1.000 kr. less in each of them for the day show.

Day show prices:
Úrvalssæti:              11.990 kr.
Verðsvæði 2:             9.990 kr.
Verðsvæði 3:             8.990 kr.
Verðsvæði 4:             7.990 kr.
Verðsvæði 5:             5.990 kr.

Evening show prices:
Úrvalssæti:                12.990 kr.
Verðsvæði 2:             10.990 kr.
Verðsvæði 3:               9.990 kr.
Verðsvæði 4:               8.990 kr.
Verðsvæði 5:               6.990 kr.

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