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New Icelandic film by firste-time director Magnús Jónsson. The dark comedy was made on a very low budget and was filmed during a short 9-day period.

A young farmer dreams of being an actor and to star in a movie. But nobody wants to play with him. Trapped in his own world, he plays scenes from old movies by himself as if reality, day in and day out. One day he desides to fulfill his dream and kidnaps 5 artist from the city. Actress, a writer, a musician, a director and artist from the Fine Arts and forces them to make a movie with him, with his VHS recorder in his old barn.

"...this film, which was originally meant to be a horror, draws its strength from a fantastic cast and a wittily penned script that is bursting with humour and love for the acting profession. ... Take 5’s universal, approachable language should make it popular not only with the local audience, but also on the international festival circuit." -Marina Richter, Cineuropa