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Your First SQL Server Performance Tuning Class - With Brent Ozar

You're stuck with a database server that's not going fast enough. You have a hunch that the biggest bottleneck is inside the database server somewhere, but where? 

In this one-day class, you'll learn how to identify which queries are killing your server, what parts of the database server are holding you back, how to tackle indexing improvements, and how to identify query anti-patterns. 

Brent Ozar will show you: 

* How wait stats tell you where to focus your tuning

* How the plan cache shows you which queries are the worst

* How to make fast improvements by picking the right indexes

* How to identify and fix the most common query anti-patterns 


You should be comfortable writing queries, but not at all comfortable with making them go faster. If you want to follow along on your own computer, you'll need SQL Server 2012 or newer, and in class, we'll hand out the Stack Overflow 2013 database. Some of the demos will only work on specific SQL Server versions, like 2017 or 2019 – we'll note that where applicable.