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center // periphery : a sharing in 3 steps is the culmination of an identity crisis of what dance is and can be when there are two opposite binaries residing in my body and how it is possible to express them at the same time.

I always answer the question of “when did you start dancing” with “16”, when in reality, I studied and danced folkloric dances from 6 years to 16 years old.

This performance is folklore without being folklore, contemporary without being contemporary; it is, hopefully, my body dancing/moving/sharing – my ghosts, my communication, my expectations, my faults. 

Rita Maria Muñoz Farias is a 3rd year dance student of the Contemporary Dance Practices at the department of Performing Arts at IUA.

center // periphery is the outcome of the course Individual project where students work on an independent production. The students choose their subject and their method. There is a focus on students developing their own ideas, processing these and finding the expression best suited to the subject.

Rita Maria was tutored by Ásgerður G. Gunnarsdóttir og Sveinbjörg Þórhallsdótti