Event info

Reykjavík Metalfest is the most exciting and extreme metal festival in Iceland. The 2019 edition will be held at Gaukurinn in downtown Reykjavik. It will feature some of Iceland’s best metal acts along with a choice selection of the best the international metal scene has to offer, so act fast and secure yourself a ticket for an intimate extreme metal festival in the capital of Iceland.

Almyrkvi (IS)
Andavald (IS)
Auðn (IS)
Beneath (IS)
Benighted (FR)
Damim (UK)
Demilich (FI)
Forgarður Helvítis (IS)
Hamferð (FO)
Heift (IS)
Hubris (IS)
Napalm Death (UK)
Potentiam (IS)
Psyclosarin (US)
Sinmara (IS)
Svart Crown (FR)
Svartidauði (IS)
Whoredom Rife (NO)

The ticket price is 13.000 ISK and the ticket is valid all three days (16th-18th of May).

Violence invalidates the ticket!