• 10. - 13. july
Event info

Eistnaflug is a metal festival in Iceland that has taken place annually since the summer of 2005 which means that this year the festival will be held for the 15th time.

Eistnaflug is an indoor festival situated in Neskaupstaður a quaint little town located on the Norðfjörður fjord on the Eastern coast of Iceland, 700km away from Reykjavik.

Eistnaflug started out as a small one day metal festival on the 27th of August 2005 but has since grown into a four day festival where metal, hardcore, punk, rock and indie bands share the stage.

Musically, Eistnaflug is also a remarkable melting pot, with a few selected, prime foreign acts stacking up against a massive selection of all the great things the Iceland music scene has to offer every year. There are no boundaries – from indie rock to hardcore to black metal, everything that’s good is accepted and embraced at Eistnaflug.

HATE [PL], Primordial [IE], Graveyard [SE]

Sólstafir [IS], DIMMA [IS], Brain Police [IS], Páll Óskar [IS], The Vintage Caravan [IS], Auðn [IS], Une Misère [IS]

Aaru [IS], Alchemia [IS], Alcoholia [IS], Aragrúi [IS], Bardspec [NO], Blóðmör [IS], Bruðl [IS], CXVIII [IS], DDT Skordýraeitur [IS], Devine Defilement [IS], Dynfari [IS], Ekkert [IS], Elli Grill [IS], Golden Core [NO], Great Grief [IS], GRIT TEETH [IS], Landscape of Hope [CA], Meistarar dauðans [IS], The Moronic [IS], Morpholith [IS], Nexion[IS], Nyrst [IS], Ottoman [IS], Paladin [IS], Saktmóðigur [IS], Sárasótt [IS], Tuð [IS], Úlfúð [IS], Vicky [IS], Volcanova [IS], While My City Burns [IS], xGADDAVÍRx [IS].