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How To Make Impossible Illusions and Amaze Anyone Using Only A Deck of Cards.

"Spirit Of The Fringe Award-2016" Hamilton Fringe
"Best Solo Show-2017" Storefront Fringe
"Audience Choice Awards-2017" Hamilton Fringe
"Best Performer Awards-2018" Swindon Fringe
Award-winning, Brazilian card magician Ewerton Martins is crossing 52 countries with his show "El Diablo Of The Cards".
At this workshop, Ewerton will reveal some of his secrets as a magician that have been surprising audiences around the world!. You will leave this workshop being able to create your own creative iIlusions with any normal deck of cards, ready to amaze your friends and family!
BONUS: At the end of this workshop Ewerton Martins will do a personal and private show for the students, performing a Preview of your New Show and your new personal illusions!

"Master at getting his audience involved and excited"”. Fringe Reviews/UK
"Highly entertaining master of the cards" - Cable 14 Hamilton/Canadá
"His work was mind blowing as well as both absurd and brilliant". Kingston Region/Canada.