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Where there are Polish people, there is Kult. Unique, timeless, indestructible - like every cult deeply rooted in human soul. Musical, lyrical and cultural cult, a band whose rock hymns are known by all the Polish citizens. Or simply - Kult!

One of the most renowned bands in Poland, a legend that has played countless shows, a cornerstone in contemporary Polish history - Kult, will play for the very first time in Iceland. But Kult is not just a legend. It is also the charisma of Kazik Staszewski, a tireless individualist who founded Kult in 1982 with Piotr Wieteska (now the band’s manager) and since then he’s never floated with the mainstream. The mixture of punk rock, new wave keyboards, jazz saxophones and various other instruments and sounds have for many years made its musical mark on the souls of Polish generations. Piotr Morawiec, Janusz Grudzinski, one of the founding fathers of Polish punk - Irek "Jezyk" Werenski, the excellent trumpeter Janusz Zdunek and drummer Tomasz Goehs create a well-oiled machine, pumped with pure energy during concerts. Okay, but maybe a bit more about the band?

Kult was formed in 1982, but it was not until 1986 that the band released a breakthrough album where you could find such songs as The Blood of God and The Consumer, still very relevant. These songs smuggled a lot of anti-system ideas into the minds of Polish people despite the communist censorship. A few months later, Kult released the second album "Listen to you", on which you could hear the perfect Poland and Vodka songs, or maybe anthems, which are still being performed the countless times. The next CD "Spokojnie" is a slower one, but also rich with beautiful songs - Aranja or Do Ani. On the next album, Kazik asked everyone Why do you even need freedom? Next releases 45-89, Your Eyes, Tata Kazika, Tata 2 or Muj wydafca are further experiments with rock, jazz and folk music, which can be heard even on the immortal Baranek song. The band has released 15 studio albums, 4 live albums, countless singles, and almost every record is covered with gold or platinum.

Kult is not only music – it also deep, inspiring, rebel poetry of Kazik. Lyrics that, regardless of the system - and the band has experienced two different systems - point out our errors, criticize our actions but also show us which way to go. Kazik tries to break down stupidity, hypocrisy, and often even Polishness itself, and these are painful words of truth that lead to change. Of course, there is hope in them, and sometimes even careless fun, which is probably why so many people love to sing Kult songs. And in combination with the music, the poetry shapes young people at concerts, even today.

Where there are Polish people, there is a Kult. But for many people, Kult has become a faith. Come and see why.