Event info

Textile workshop for children (10  years and older) with artists Edda Mac and Bethina Elverdam. The workshop is part of the Nordic House's contribution to Children's Culture Festival in Reykjavík.

Registration is free of charge. Due to limited space, we kindly ask you to register on tix.is. The workshop is held twice: on Thursday the 19th of April at 13.00-15.00, and Saturday the 21st of April at 13.00-15.00. Languages: Icelandic, English, and Danish.

About The Association of Gala Enthusiasts by Edda Mac:

Optimistic Bína arrives bearing gifts, Jafet the Astronaut shows up in the wrong costume, and the Captain tells the same joke for the third year running. They are all members of The Association of Gala Enthusiasts which convenes every second Saturday of February each year. This time around they had their portraits embroidered to celebrate the occasion, and they will be on display in the Nordic House 17th-22nd of April (more about the exhibition here).