Event info

"The Kabarett is an ensemble of different artists with one thing in common: They’re hilariously funny, and they’re sexy at the same time." 

- Valur Grettisson, The Reykjavík Grapevine

The outstanding Icelandic Cabaret family puts on a summer show in June. The show features Icelandic variety royalty with local and international guests and mixes cabaret, circus, magic, burlesque, drag and more to bring you the greatest show in Iceland. You can see full line up of each show on their website: reykjavikkabarett.com

Although introduction and MCing will mostly be in Icelandic, most of the show is visual so language should not be a problem. We have had (a whole lot of) non-Icelandic speaking guests that enjoyed our shows along with the locals, and we've had (only two) non-Icelandic speakers who did not enjoy the show due to language.